Upgrading from old version to new

George H 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 2


After updating our hosting account from PHP 5.6 to 7.2 FileRun has not worked due to ZendGuard not being installed with PHP 7.0+.

So we need to update our FileRun version so it's runs on PHP 7.2. with IonCube.  But we can't log into the control panel to do so.

The initial_version.txt file has '121212' in it.  

What would be the best way to update FileRun, but of course keeping the data and files intact?


I think installing Filerun over your existing one should make the job. You'll find the procedure a the bottom of this page :)



I am afraid you won't be able to recover an installation running a 2012 FileRun version, unless you get the server configuration back to how it was.

Your only other option is to install FileRun from scratch.