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Can't create nor check path.

yaxeldragon 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 7

Can not create nor check the path. It is inaccessible to the PHP to see. But I don't know how to make the PHP see the path. I have tried to make a folder via FTP and put the path. But It still says the following message:

"The folder "/home" does not exist, or it is not accessible by PHP."

¿How can I fix this?

thats seems a permissions problem. 

It is under docker?

I don't think so. My web-hoster is infinityfree. I know for sure it is compatible because softcolous included in the website downloaded it automatically. But softcolous deleted It.

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You are most certainly not using the right paths. "/home" would imply that you have access to the whole server, and I doubt that you do, given that you are using a free hosting service.

Your accessible folder looks probably more like "/home/users/123456768/".

Yes, I do have access to my account, PHP Databased etc...

I installed all files in dev.yaxeldragon.rf.gd/files.

The path looks like this:


If you are certain the path is correct, try changing the folder's permissions via FTP so that it is readable by PHP. More information on appropriate file permissions you should be able to receive from your hosting service tech support.

Is permissions 775 ok? because Is not working still.

If 775 doesn't work, nothing will. I suggest you start with the FileRun installation path, where PHP obviously has permissions to access, otherwise it wouldn't function at all.