Imlementation of German language File

Heinz Werner W 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 4

After I copied the german.php file to data/translation Folder I got a White screen.

Any suggestions, would like to implement the German language file to offer English and German.

With the translation tool I got the german.php also.

Under review

Are you downloading the file "german.php" from the FileRun client account and using the latest FileRun version?

If you are using an older FileRun version, you might need to download it in the old format (german.txt)

Have solved the Problem. Might be that i had two Folders to Run Filerun with the user Management of Wordpress. After Updating the second Filerun Installation Filerun works with the german.php File.

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Yes I am using the Newest Version of Filerun. But if I Download the German.php File,The error Happens.I had to copY the last Backup and the Maria DatabaseBackup to solve the error. I had only copied theFile to the Folder /translate .My filerun installation is Working under /WordPress/Filerun2017Folder, might be that is a Reason?
Best regards Vlad
Dr. Wuensche