Not a bug

Metadata / thumbnail creation

Marcel Dopita 6 years ago updated by Vlad R 6 years ago 1

I'm considering FileRun as an additional way of accessing files next to SMB, WebDAV and SFTP. I like thumbnails but even when off (ImageMagick and FFMPEG support are turned off), FileRun creates and " .filerun.thumbnails" folder (containing 400_400_cover[1].png.lock file) when accessing "Details and activity" of a MP3 file.

Creation of such folder updates modify/change times of parent folder which can be a problem for specific historic data.

Not a bug

There is no option of disabling thumbnails for image files. Even if ImageMagick is not enabled, FileRun tries to use PHP GD for generating thumbnails for support files. We do not plan to add an option for disabling this.

Perhaps in the future there will be an option for choosing an alternative location for storing generated thumbnails. In the meantime, this is not something we consider a bug.