Filerun reinstallation

Eric L 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

I encountered a problem with the first installation of Fileruner. I realized a new installation. I thought I could re-enter the first license number that had been assigned to me, but that does not seem possible.
When I ask to generate a new license number to my email address, I do not receive an email back.
Can you unblock the situation and make sure that the attribution of the 6 free user accounts that you had accepted me is also effective in this new version.
Thank you for all.
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You are welcome to use the same license key the extension was provided for. We cannot provide any other customer services related to the use of free FileRun licenses. Kindly do not e-mail us. Thank you for your understanding!

Thank you for your reply.
I am having a problem because I failed to activate the new file installation:
- I can not enter the license number in the new installation
- I do not receive the activation mail back when I request it.
So, I can't activate filerun and change for example the language of use.
I understand that assistance is not available for the free version, but I am blocked.
thank you for your understanding and your help
Best regards

See this answer for unregistering an installation: https://feedback.filerun.com/communities/1/topics/153-changing-the-domain#comment-293

The license key can always be found under your FileRun account: https://filerun.com/client-area/


Thank you for your help, everything works well now... :-)

Best regards