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Mark 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 5

Image thumbnail needs optimization. 

FileRun sends every image over 2mb in size for conversion to store thumbnail - which is good for browsing the folder later, but it also sends every image for conversion when it is being opened - this is slow.

While playing with config I have managed to mitigate the slow opening by sending images upto 20mb direclty to browser, however this setting also disables image thumbnail generation whatsoever. Now the folder browsing is slow every time I access it.

Please add a setting to disable the conversion for opening images, or to separate file size limit for thumbs, and filesize limit for opening image by directly sending it to the browser. 

*Bare in mind the non-standard formats like RAW, NEF image files which browsers can't read so the thumbs needs to be done anyway.

My images: 4k-8k+ resolution, 5-15mb 

My VPS setup:



40GB Nvme SSD cache >> Scaleway S3 rclone local mount, cached (10Gbit link to vps)

Nginx and php-fpm configs highly optimized for performance.

Under review

It's not technically possible to generate thumbnails and browse images for the first time fast, at the same time. You can either generate the thumbnails beforehand, or accept the slowness of having them generated on the first request.

I see you are aware of the "make_thumbs.php" command line script: http://docs.filerun.com/command_line_tools

About "opening" image files, we are looking for the best way of improving this. Settings that are separate from the thumbnail generation, as you say, is indeed a possible solution.


Separate options for thumbnails and previews will be included with the next update.

For details, please see this discussion: https://feedback.filerun.com/communities/1/topics/561-limited-resolution-for-image-gallery#comment-2848

Very nice!

Is it also possible to have some settings for image opening which is controlled by built in plugin.?

With EPYC VPS it take 5+ seconds to open a 14+ mpixel image.

In processes I see that image is being converted, however it could be just sent to browser, while having a thumbnail for folder browsing.

For extensions like PSD,NEF, etc convertion still needed?


Yes, there will be options for allowing images to be sent to the browser without conversion, if none is actually needed.


The mentioned changes are included in the now available FileRun software update (https://docs.filerun.com/updating).