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Web access OK but not Windows or Android Nextcloud apps

srousseau 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 1


I've just installed FileRun on a web server. Everything works great with SSL on a web browser, but I can't access it in the Windows (v 2.5 downloaded on filerun.com) or Android apps. It finds the server, asks me my login and password and when I enter them nothing happens. The apps work well with the demo account (https://demo.filerun.co/) so it should be a server problem but I don't understand the problem.

Here's below the log from the Windows app from the moment I enter the login and password.

Can anyone help me ? Thanks a lot !

[OCC::WebViewPageUrlSchemeHandler::requestStarted Got user: "NEXTCLOUDTOKEN2" , server: "https://drive.nograal.com"
[OCC::WebViewPage::urlCatched Got user: "NEXTCLOUDTOKEN2" , server: "https://drive.nograal.com"
[OCC::WebViewPage::urlCatched URL: "https://drive.nograal.com"
[OCC::OwncloudSetupWizard::slotConnectToOCUrl Connect to url: "https://drive.nograal.com"
[OCC::WebFlowCredentials::createQNAM Get QNAM
[OCC::AccessManager::createRequest 6 "PROPFIND" "https://drive.nograal.com/remote.php/webdav/" has X-Request-ID "07c2b6df-8ee2-4abe-a0c4-846be4d7d9b4"
[OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::start OCC::PropfindJob created for "https://drive.nograal.com" + "/" "OCC::OwncloudSetupWizard"
[OCC::WebFlowCredentials::slotFinished request finished
[OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::slotFinished QNetworkReply::ProtocolFailure "HTTP/2 protocol error" QVariant(Invalid)
[OCC::WebFlowCredentials::stillValid QNetworkReply::ProtocolFailure
[OCC::WebFlowCredentials::stillValid "HTTP/2 protocol error"
[OCC::PropfindJob::finished PROPFIND of QUrl("https://drive.nograal.com/remote.php/webdav/") FINISHED WITH STATUS "ProtocolFailure HTTP/2 protocol error"
[OCC::PropfindJob::finished *not* successful, http result code is 0 ""
[OCC::WebFlowCredentials::stillValid QNetworkReply::ProtocolFailure
[OCC::WebFlowCredentials::stillValid "HTTP/2 protocol error"
[unknown stream 1 finished with error: "HTTP/2 protocol error"

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HTTP2 is disabled in the 2.5 Nextcloud version due to some incompatibility. I am afraid your only option would be to allow also HTTP1 on your server.