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File plugins API, custom event scripts

chr pos 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

Hi there,

I'd like to figure out available possibilities by using the file plugins and custom event scripts.

I have already read the according documentation at docs.filerun.com.

There are not too much details there, concerning the available API when extending the \FileRun\Files\Plugin class or when creating a script to be run on different events. The documentation of "custom event scripts" even says to contact you for more information.

I plan to get an Enterprise license. Would I receive more detailed information on this topic upon buying an Enterprise license?

Thank you for your reply,

Update: May it also be possible to create an entry on the top level of the contextual menu. The documentation says: "Generally, they are being accessed through the contextual menu called “Open with..” or the “New” button." 

Update 2: To be more concrete on my intentions with "custom event scripts": I'd like to do following things programatically triggered by different events:

  • set metadata on files/folders
  • create weblinks on files/folders

At least for weblinks one could use the official FileRun API (/api.php/files/weblink/), but I wonder if there would be a more convenient way to do this, given that the code is run inside a plugin and not as an external client.

Under review

There is no public documentation for FileRun's internal code, so the only way we can help with such customizations, is to actually provide the basic code ourselves. This is something we usually help with at no extra cost our Enterprise clients.

If you have a very specific things to achieve, you can open a dedicated topic and if it doesn't take much, we might be able to help with some sample code. Looking at the code of the existing plugins also helps.

May it also be possible to create an entry on the top level of the contextual menu.

Not currently. Not unless you actually customize FileRun's JS code that makes the menu (not recommended as it would get overwritten by the system updates).