Does not show edited favicon

Jesus Romero DJ 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 11

It does not show the Favicon that I just edited on my website, the one that comes by default still appears, I have activated config.php and it leaves, but the one that comes by default

Under review

It's probably cached in your browser. Clearing the cache, or trying an incognito window would confirm that.

In an incognito window exactly the same thing happens and clearing cache or other devices also

Please show your "customizables/config.php" contents.

Can someone answer me please, delete cookies and still does not appear on more than 5 devices

And you have a file named "favicon.ico" inside the FileRun installation folder?

Not much to work with without access to your FileRun installation to see what goes on in the browser.

If I have the favicon.ico file

What do they need to access and see the configuration?


If you can make your FileRun installation publicly accessible and post its URL, we can check it. Otherwise, we can't help you.

After several days the favicon is already seen correctly