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First forgive me for my writing I am french ...

Hello, I want to connect FILERUN in WEBDAV TO SYNOLOGY Cloud Sync.

SYNOLOGY DOES NOT ACCEPT trailing slash character, after "dav.php".

IMPOSSIBLE TO CONNECT WITHOUT trailing slash character...

Could you help me if you please ?



You might need Synology to help you with this. There is no reason for any WebDAV client program to force any type of format on a WebDAV URL.

I tested a remote mount with a QNAP NAS. It too, failed. No matter what I did, the NAS always reformatted my entries and would not accept a trailing slash. The problem isn't necessarily with Filerun. I have been testing other desktop clients on both Macs, PCs, iOS and Android and the difference between all is pretty amazing. Your mileage will vary. Some apps work and many just don't. It would be great to have a central location where users could submit their experiences with WebDav apps. 

Thanks Vlad and Pablo for your replies...

I tested with nextcloud webdav >> OK without trailing slash...

Good Idea Pablo : "have a central location where users could submit their experiences with WebDav apps"

For what it's worth, I went back and tested again with another user and it worked. Then it dawned on me that I was using the wrong password. So, just to let you know, we all make stupid mistakes and the QNAP Hybrid Mount software works very well with FileRun. I have a Synology lying around and will test that later today.

It is clear that everyone makes mistakes but I checked in all directions on synology, impossible to operate with cloud sync webdav ...
I tried on windows, no problem with filerun...

Great job on QNAP Pablo, thanks !!

I'll wait you tested on synology...

Another update! The program you actually want to use might be File Station. You can connect to a webdav server using this software. It does not work with CloudSync. I tested that too. But you can use File Station to mount all FileRun shares via WebDav.

You want to go to Tools, Remote Connection, Connection Setup.

Leave out "https://" from the hostname.

Use dav.php in the path name, no trailing slash. See the attached screen capture.

Actually it works under FILESTATION, thank you very much.

My goal is to synchronize in the following way:


SYNOLOGY-CLOUD-SYNC does not allow mounted drives...

We advance, we advance !!!

How did you set up FileRun in the cloud? I'm running it on a full Ubuntu droplet on Digital Ocean. This gives me access to all kinds of tools in the console. The  most important tool being rsync. Although I haven't yet set it up, I plan on using rclone.org to back up all FileRun configurations and my data file directory to Wasabi. 

You can use either rsync or rclone to copy your data to your Synology NAS in a similar fashion. You may have to open port 22 on your firewall, but that would be the most difficult part.

This is why I chose FileRun over SeaFile. Backing it up is much easier. SeaFile keeps every file inside a database, I believe. Okay, FileRun is much prettier too. My users liked the way it looked.

Your diagram seems overly complicated. It might be easier to simply back up to a cloud target?