How-to force folder weblink to return url instead of wl link

James R 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 15

When creating a weblink for a folder (not a file), we would like to have the URL to the folder returned, instead of the wl url. For example, instead of this:




Is there an option for this, or a way to enable this functionality? 

If you want a private URL of a particular folder, you will find the URL in the address bar of your browser, when browsing FileRun to that folder.

Do let me know if I don't understand correctly what you are looking for.

Hi Vlad,

Understood about finding the private URL in the browser URL bar. In our instance, the users are still using the Contextual Weblink to generate the URL, which, when clicked on, leads to a page where other users cannot upload files. We were hoping we could circumvent the issue by having the contextual weblink menu return the same URL as in the address bar for URLs.

You can enable uploads for web links from the "Advanced" menu (available in user interface when creating or editing a web link on a folder).

Not ideal, as we would need to ensure the users know to look under Weblink->advanced->File Requests->Enable file request. (Allow visitors to upload files.). When what we really need is simply a direct link to the URL for folders. All visitors (users) should be able to upload files easily. 

Perhaps this is not possible with Filerun?

Have you tried the guest users sharing feature? http://docs.filerun.com/guest_users

Alternative solution, which would be workable: Can we disable, in the JS code, the weblink share menu item from the contextual menu only for folders? 

You can only remove from the user account the permission to share via web links. You can try to alter the JS code, but the change will be lost when you'll update.

We can re-apply the change after an upgrade. Do you know which file we need to alter to have the weblink not show only for folders?

An alternative solution would be if we can create a plugin for Filerun, to add a new contextual menu-item giving the various additional options we want. We would be happy to pay for these features if someone can support us on this endeavour.

Have you tried the guest users sharing feature? http://docs.filerun.com/guest_users

Unfortunately the guess users feature does not fill our need. 

I am afraid I do not really understand what is it that you need.

Setting the following inside "customizables/config.php" would enable uploads by default, in all shared weblinks any FileRun user creates (it doesn't sound like a safe thing to do, but if that's what you need..):

$config['app']['weblinks']['defaults']['allow_uploads'] = 1;

Specifically looking for a way to have a contextual menu item that will let the user copy a URL to the folder like this:

https://www.mydomain.com/documents/#/path/to/folder instead of the shortlink. 

You will find the same URL in the address bar of your browser, when browsing FileRun to that folder. That URL is useful only to the currently signed in user.

Yes, I realize that, as we discussed higher up in this thread, but the weblink confuses the logged in users greatly, and we would like to have a way to show the full URL for folders when someone creates a weblink. Clearly we are not moving forward on this topic. I will see if I can find someone to help me hack our idea into the core. Thank you.