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error on make_thumbs.php

marko 2 weeks ago updated by Vlad R yesterday at 2:05 a.m. 1


When running make_thumbs.php it seems that when it comes to invalid png file the script stops... it should be better to skip that file and continue to other files..

this is what I get when it tries to generate thumbnail on invalid png file:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getWidth() on bool in /vision/web/F/system/classes/vendor/FileRun/Thumbs/Make.php:40
Stack trace:
#0 /vision/web/F/system/classes/vendor/FileRun/Thumbs/Make.php(87): FileRun\Thumbs\Make::needsProcessing(Array, Array)
#1 /vision/web/F/system/modules/fileman/sections/cli/php/thumbs.php(118): FileRun\Thumbs\Make::make(Array, Array)
#2 /vision/web/F/index.php(191): unknown()
#3 /vision/web/F/cron/make_thumbs.php(8): unknown()
#4 {main}
thrown in /vision/web/F/system/classes/vendor/FileRun/Thumbs/Make.php on line 40

Under review

Thank you for pointing it out, we will improve this.