temporary disconnected network drives

TomorrowS 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 3


I have mapped network drives created by system users on windows server with UNC paths of QNAP, Then I have shared the symbolic link to the network drive with other users.

When the network drive is temporarily disconnected or unavailable I can't access it which is normal BUT as soon as it gets connected the sharing is missing knowing that the symbolic link has not been changed only the network drive.

I want to know if any other data like (Sharing / Thumbnails / Metadata and tags / Indexed paths / Permissions / .. ) gets deleted when the driver or path is not available?

How can I avoid this issue?


Hello Vlad,

Any updates regarding this? shall I send a support request or it is fine to post questions on the forum?


If you have valid support service on an Enterprise license, you should always contact us via e-mail. The forum is focusing on the free FileRun version and a reply is not guaranteed.


To answer your question: yes, FileRun tries to automatically remove any data that might be related to a file that is no longer accessible at a given path. To avoid data loss, you need to have your files always present, or if you disconnect a mounted folder, then disable FileRun as well.