No access to updates on free license?

jack s 3 years ago updated by Antonio R 3 years ago 3

I'm having trouble updating my FileRun install. When accessing the software update via the admin interface, after click the "Check for updates" button, I receive the following message:

This FileRun license does not have access to software updates.

Support expiration date: [omitted]
Additional support can be purchased from the FileRun client account: https://www.filerun.com/client-area

For more information, contact us at tech-support@filerun.com

This may be the intended functionality. My install is a family install with more than 3 licenses. I was under the impression that this still qualified for regular updates. Is this not the case? Do I need to request issuing of new licenses?



There's a glitch in our system, we are working on fixing it. Your particular license has been fixed as of now.

Oh! Thanks so much. Incredibly fast response. Good luck with the fix!

If its at all useful, I noticed I was able to manually upload the latest version using the upload button to the right of the "Check for updates" button. I did not ultimately install the manually uploaded update, because I wasn't sure what sort of consequence that might have.

Thanks again.

Argh, had i known before it was a system glitch... i had the same issue and ended deleting my whole installation and making a new fresh one. Now i have two licenses which is driving me crazy. One has 3 users, the other 2 users, and i can't find a way to use the 3 users license, am stuck at the 2 users and unable to add a 3rd.