PDF Previews don't show on mobile

lipohos492 6 months ago updated by Vlad R 6 months ago 1

I have been a user of xxxx for my small file directory needs. PDF previews don't work there, presumably an Android thing, but it does prompt me to open the file on my Android device instead. With FileRun, instead I get a dimmed screen with buttons like info and menu along the top, the name of the file along the bottom, and left and right buttons on each side... and a massive empty space in the middle. This gives the impression that there is supposed to be a preview there.

If there is then it may be broken?

If there isn't then could the mobile interface be changed not to just show a big empty space, and instead open the file?


It seems indeed to be a FileRun bug. We will fix it, thank you for pointing it out.