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Antonio R 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 2


Sometimes files are a little too big, large pdf for example.

A weblink in my website with target="_blank" to open in new tab will open blank tab while waiting for the file to load.

I would love to see a "loading" animation while the file is loaded.

Following instructions from advanced config i've create a config.php in /customizables

I have set it to true

$config['app']['weblinks']['show_page_before_download'] = true;

This supposedly would open "download.html"

I've created a simple download.html in system/modules/weblinks/sections/default/html/pages with a loader animation

When i click on the weblink it just does not open anything, i see the weblink in the navigation pane but neither animation, nor file loading, i just get nothing.

I've created a simpler download.html in case the loader was causing troubles

No success

So, is there a way that user clicking on a weblink can see sth while the file is loading?

Thank you!

Please, disregard it, i forgot to close the php with the ?>

No need for an animation now, the upper banner is enough to tell the user that sth is happening while waiting for the file to load

stupid me