Many ftp users in my hosting

Antonio R 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2


I was checking around the settings of my hosting and i've found i have 28 random ftp users "stringofnumbersandletters@domain.com"

I am wondering if these users are being created by filerun (guests accessing my files) or could be sth else, hacked?

Most users pointing to home1/domain and a few pointing to home1/domain/tmp/simplescripts

The directory tmp/simplescripts contains only a file ".ftpquota" which just reads "0 0"

Thanks in advance


FileRun does not uses the FTP protocol, nor does it have the ability of making changes to an FTP server or the hosting account settings.

You should probably change your hosting account's passwords and keep them safe.

Thank you Vlad, i've deleted all strange ftp users, changed password and reported to hosting service. I'll see if they re-appear...