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nextcloud issue - unavble to connect

roger.rousseau 2 weeks ago updated 1 week ago 6


I try to configure NextCloud to synchronize my files with my server (shared server).
When NextCloud want to access to myserver, I click on Boutton "Accepr" and nothing happen (I've no problem with your Demo Site) Nextcloud installation works great).
I install FileRun with softaculous cpanel and upgrade this to last version (I've a licence key). My PHP version is 7.1
Installation was successfull, but tghere is a connectionb failure on next screen.a box appeared with 3 options :-choose a different URL- Try a non secure connection HTTP-Set up TLS certificat(these 3 options are translated, should be different in english version)
FileRun Version : FileRun_2019.12.25NexCloud version : 2.6.2legacy (build 20191224)I think i've a problem to give an authorisation to NextCloud with my server. Can you help me ?

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Do you get an authentication prompt when opening FileRun in a web browser by appending "/dav.php/" to its URL? If so, after providing your valid FileRun credentials, what are you seeing on the page?


when doing that, i get the following web page :

Are you using an HTTPS (secure) URL?

yes i do, whith  Let's Encrypt™ SSL (free certification authoritie)

Can you take a screenshot of the error? (I don't have many ideas on how to help you at this point.)


here are the 4 steps and the error box in the last one