Lost in setting up filerun synchroisation

norbert 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 4


I am trying to set up file synchronisation from my Windows PC to my Filerun Server (which is up an running). Searching for a PC software I am pointed to https://filerun.com/download. There I download and install Nextcloud-2.6.2-setup.exe. Once I open it, I am asked to register with a provider. The small Link "Host your own server" leads me to the documentation on how to install my own Sever.... which is already runnig.

Hw can I get out of this loop?

PS: entering as an address www.mydomain.com/filerun tells me "Server returned Error: no_oauth2" which tells me to login in the broswer. I did that (and I am logged in) but I do not get over this stepp


You just need to enable the API for the apps to be able to connect: https://docs.filerun.com/api#enabling_the_api

Sorry to bother again, but I am LIGHT YEARS away from understanding that document.That looks to me like a guide for a programer, which I am not. All I need to know, is what to enter here:

Activating that Api changed the error message to: Error transferring https://www.mydomain.com/filerun/index.php/login/v2 - server replied: Not found

I tried adding a Oauth2 client. But it is unclear to me what to do with that data.

Constructing this URL manually is sure not the naswer, is it?


The link points to very straight forward instructions:

To enable the API:

  1. Sign-in to your FileRun installation, as superuser
  2. Open the control panel
  3. Browse to Configuration > Security > API
  4. Click the Enable API checkbox and click Save changes

That's it for the enabling. You don't need to add any OAuth2 client.

https://www.mydomain.com/filerun/index.php/login/v2 - server replied: Not found

That URL, when opened manually in a browser, should show the 405 HTTP errors. If it doesn't, your webserver is not configured properly.