Option to send email after upload is complete?

snarten 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0

Love having FileRun on my own server, best file manager I've ever used!

After using it for a while there is one feature still that makes me go back to wetransfer for sending files ... the ability to enter the recipient's email, then select the file to upload and when it's complete it automatically sends the email! This is very handy for 'set-and-forget' uploads, at midnight on a slow connection you want to start your 2gb upload and just get a confirmation that the link has been sent when it's completed and get some sleep!

In FileRun you have to complete the upload or share an empty folder link then start uploading the files which show up as incomplete. I had one client (apparently a nigh hawk) repeatedly emailed me that she could not download the files all night, not knowing they were incomplete. It would be very nice to be able to enter the recipient email then select the files to upload mimicking how wetransfer works.

... until the day everyone had access to gigabit service!