Sharing direct links to documents?

StudioWhy LLC 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 6

I would like the ability to share a link to a document that will open it using the default (or maybe even a custom) plugin.

As a use case, my team needs to share documents around and collaborate on them simultaneously. In something like google drive, you can just copy/paste the URL or get a shareable link and they will be able to edit the file. In FileRun, this simply lets them download the file.

Our team uses OnlyOffice, which works fantastic, but in order to link to these documents the best I can do is link to the folder that the document is in ex: https://mysite.net/filerun/#/1/9/My%20Documents

It would be nice if I could get a link that would retrieve the file and then open it using the default plugin. So since I have the OnlyOffice plugin set to open in a new tab, it would open the file in a new tab. This would made sharing documents among users who have permission to access it much easier.

I second this. But you mention that you can link the folder to achieve your goals? I can't do this. 

If I link the folder, when I test that link and browse the folder, all I can do is download the files or open them using whatever app is on my system natively. If I link a single document or an entire folder, I'd like whoever is viewing that share to be able to open those files using the plugins in Filerun how I've configured them. So if I share out a folder with .doc files in it, the user should be able to open those files using OnlyOffice just like I do. Shared files and folders should have access to the same plugins to view/edit as we do on our side. I use another file management app that treats shares this way, but Filerun is better in other aspects and would love to just 'settle' with a single solution.

I've had to make my own URL to link folders.

Every user has an id and every root shared folder has in ide. To share a link to a folder you need to use the url: https://mywebsite.net/filerun/#/{your user id}/{your folder id}/FolderToShare

The URL works for people you have shared with but not yourself.
So it's more of a hack, and not actual usable functionality.

Oh hey. Not sure if you've tried it yet, but I think what you're trying to accomplish can be done by 'user sharing' with a guest user. I just tested it. I was able to get a link sent to a test email address and open it for editing. 

If you share with a guest account, you can give them permissions to modify/edit a single file. It'll give them a UI exactly the same as you would see in Filerun. You just can't do this same thing with 'link sharing'. But it achieves a similar effect. The main difference I see is you can't just see the link yourself. The link gets mailed to an email address of the guest account. But it is good enough for my needs and allows others without an official account to collaborate on a single file if needed.

I just wanted to give an update on this to say thank you so much for the ability to copy direct links in the latest version!

This will make our collaboration a LOT easier in the future, and is exactly what we needed!


Great to hear that!