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Files with special characters in their names are not downloaded by the Nextcloud client

Claudiu Bucur 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 8


I cannot sync to the Nextcloud desktop client for Windows (2.6.2 - link from your site), files that contain special characters (see attachments) or files that contain "+" in their name.

I uploaded these files just fine from the web interface - they don't get synced to the desktop client.

Before using FileRun, I had a Nextcloud server installed and the same set of files - they were syncing wihout issues, so I do not believe it's related to the Nextcloud client.

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Not a bug

You would need to run a newer PHP version on your Windows server. Older PHP versions on Windows do not have support for multibytes characters in filenames.

Go with 7.3.

I'm running 7.3, IIS 10.

But if that were the case would the upload of the file in the via the web interface work?

Thank you.

How does the filename look in the filesystem, after uploading via FileRun's web interface? Does it look in Windows Explorer identical to how it looks in FileRun's web interface?

Yep, they look identical, both in Explorer (the original files, and in the FileRun datastore) and in the web interface.

Here's a screenshot:

Here's the list of the file names, just in case you need it:


Why is this topic closed?

Should I not be the one that selects if the provided reply is the answer to my problem? :)

Which, by the way, is not the answer.

Nevermind. Switched to another solution, FileRun is way to complicated to run properly on a Windows machine, and the documentation is lacking.

This is why I switched aswell - back to [...].

Filerun is not to complicated. Everything can be configured, but the problem is, there is no community here. There is just Vlad R in this Forum! No other person answer to the question. And this is not what I expecte from a product I want to use the next 5 to 10 years in a company with 220 user.

Wish you all the best ;-)

A company with 220 users might want to invest in getting professional support rather than hope for free help from strangers on forums.
Good luck to you as well!