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File Indexing Search Delay

Pierce M 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 2

I have file indexing enabled (Elasticsearch v6, Apache Tika Server 1.24, Tesseract). I have a cron job setup to automate index task. Searching "Contents" tab provides results.

Today I uploaded 8 pdf files, Control Panel->Searching accurately showed "Number of queued operations". After 15 mins, the cron job ran and the queue was 0. The problem is when I search a keyword which I know exists in one of those 8 files, no results. If I right click on the file and go to Troubleshoot->Content indexing, the text is shown and the keyword is there.

Is there a delay of some sort with search results? Cache issue? Thank you!

Under review

There should be no delay.

If you can post a sample file, that would help troubleshooting a lot.

Closed for lack of information