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Heinz Werner W 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 13

Would like to have a feature where I could make translations for the control panel interface

options. There should be a sektion for every language to save the panel interface options

in the mysql database. Now I have to change the interface options in the database before calling

filerun with my first showing entry file and let the user select first the Language, change interface

options in the mysql file and then call "https://my-site/filerun/?language=(from user selected language)".

Under review

You mean like an easier way to preview the translation changes in the actual FileRun interface?

When I make Entries in the option control panel, the Entries are shown in german at the login panel or as hints after login , this user entries could not be translated with filerun, the text is saved in the mysql database under table df_xxxxxx. Would be a nice feature to save different language translation and the translation could be shown after select a certain language. Look at my website and you will recognize what i mean.

That are hints and entries are made from myself in german to inform the user what to do and so on.

I understand. This is custom text, like welcome messages, etc, and you would like to have alternatives in different languages. We will try to a find a solution for achieving this.

OK, thank you, that's right. WW

Importing own translation files has no effect

I've also the problem, that changed the language to "German" in the Options, but this doesn't work. All the user interface is still in english. I also tried to upload a german language file, but it also doen't worked. As my client is looking forward to switch to the Enterprise Version i need to get this switched before there could be made a decission. Thanks.

Sounds like you have a problem with your particular FileRun installation. You would have to contact us privately is you want help with it.

How change language?

My language file is there but can't use that language.

Thank you.

Try to delete the folder "system/data/languages" and restore it from the installation zip archive. If switching languages works, it means the previous files were broken.

There might be a bug in the current version. Try uploading the translation file manually, inside "system/data/languages". The filename needs to look like this "brazilian_portuguese.txt" (note the underscore character).

Another question: how Sign up?

You start by registering your FileRun installation from its "Software licensing" control panel section.