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Search File by Web share link id

Kaiyago 3 years ago updated 2 months ago 8


Is it possible to search the file by shared link id and then we can delete or modify the file.

eg. of the share link id : https://abcd.com/wl/?id=skudhaskjnm5161adasdasdaw

The FileRun admins can search by that from the control panel. Not sure if a regular FileRun user would have a use for it.

I can search in the control panel option but unable to get the file details properly.

Any other way I can search for the whole directory and sub directory by using the web share link ?

The only other way is to search the MySQL database for the id.

or how can i customize the webshare link to full file link or full path ?

Under review

You can't.

Any way to add in the future updates ? :(

Only if there are more people interested in it, they can upvote the feature request. As far as I know there is currently nobody else interested in this. I don't find it particularly useful either.

It would be nice if we can do this, because when filerun chrash you can get back the links fort he people.