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Adding Tag or Comment box when generating share link

Kaiyago 6 months ago in Feature requests updated 6 months ago 6


It would be best if we can tag the file after generating the share link, which will help us to find the file easily too.

I have removed the short link generator but wanted to add tag box in that position.

Under review


You can tag the file before or after creating the link. You can find the file by name as well.

I fail to see a benefit to a change like this.

From the thousands of sub folders and files , searching a particular file from the root directory is not possible for  file to find with the download links generated but with a simple tag we can get the file location and the details easily.

you can just look at files you've shared from the column on the left of all you're trying to do is find that information. 


but search function does not work.


I think having a metadata item "is shared" could be useful, then. 


yeah thats why i need that tag option to tag the file so that i can find them easily.