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Can't open RAW images ORF

guillaume 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 4

I have just installed filerun on my server (ubuntu 20 arm64) and add my photos collection folder.

Got the generated thumbnails working great lauching the script php for my user :)

But my files in raw format from olympus .orf filerun can't open it, I got the thumbnails correct but a big white icon when clicked on to open :/

I have installed dcraw imagemagik already

After a new fresh, install same problem. The RAW get the thumbnail but can't be opened !

I have install graphicsmagick but I don't know wher to configure it in filerun.

How can I do ?

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You can simply replace the path to ImageMagick, which usually has the binary name something like "magick" or "convert", with the path or binary name of GraphicsMagick, which is usually named "gm".

Let us know if it doesn't make a difference for you. 

Yes it works with graphicsmagick !!

But it so damned slow to load, 

I have 6Go of RAM on that server, how could I possibly make sure it exploit most of it ?

I usually play on a few php params & opcache but I gues it won't affect the graphicsmagick...

Any idea on how to get it load better / quicker ?

This is the command I catch when loading :

/usr/bin/gm convert -size 20000x20000 /home/****/Photography/DIGITAL/2015/ARCHIVE/TUNISIE/GBO31251.ORF -auto-orient -thumbnail 20000x20000> -strip -quality 95 /home/****/Photography/DIGITAL/2015/ARCHIVE/TUNISIE/.filerun.thumbnails/GBO31251.ORF/13770690/20000_20000_contain[1].png

Not a bug

The memory is not used very much for converting image formats and sizes. The CPU is.
You can make the thumbnails and previews beforehand, if it's slow to do so in real time. See "make_thumb.php" on this page: https://docs.filerun.com/command_line_tools