Pic loading improvements

Pil0tXia 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 6

I have a lot of photos shot by DSLR (6000*4000). When I doubleclick a photo, first comes a small thumbnail which displays few things to see, then comes a spinning circle indicating "you are waiting for your own net disk" and covering the thumb, then, a few seconds passing by (less than 10s, long enough, or too long for pic viewing......), a definitely clear image jumps out.

There must be something between this two status: a medium image which is not too small and takes a short time to load, avoiding interrupting user's viewing experience. When it's completed, the next stage will be a "clear-enough image for user's screen" one. The original-sized image can be set to manually loaded by tapping a button by user or automatically loaded (I prefer the former one, leaving time for the next pic). Additionally, no circle above the image......lol

5 pre-load

This one is easy to explain, just keep loading the next image when user is viewing the former one. Associated with #4, user's pic viewing experience will be greatly improved. The ideal one is "select any pic at will and view it instantly" and "keep tapping 'next' rapidly to skim as much as pics and get more information through the process"

Under review

You need to play with the settings from inside the "Thumbnails and preview" section of your FileRun installation control panel, to adjust for your preference. 

For example, uncheck "Process even the small files, if their resolution is too high" and it is likely that FileRun will not process your files if their filesize is not larger than what is set by "Open without processing photos smaller than".

Also, if your files are so high res and it takes too long for your server to generate the previews, generate them before hand, with the available command line tools. See "make_thumbs.php" here: https://docs.filerun.com/command_line_tools

(When you start loading a next image, either left or right, the next image gets preloaded by default.)

P.S. (I have removed the "/" paragraph as I didn't understand much out of it. We will not disable a FileRun admin's possibility of using "/" as a home folder path. Please do not mix unrelated topics.

I will try to operate it tomorrow in school~thanks

and...home folder path "/" is permitted in Windows filerun? When I "check path", it told me that "Please specify a path!"; when I "create folder now", it told me that "Please specify a path!"

The Windows filesystem uses drive letters for paths. There is no "/" under Windows.

But Serv-U has it, which means that all the partitions will be shown and accessible when users log in. This really suits for an advanced file manager!

Would you please add "/" root path for Windows in the future? I really appreciate it! Just making it similar to Serv-U will be pretty enough~


I am afraid we will not. There is no "/" in Windows. Perhaps the application you mention is creating some fake path that actually scans all available Windows drive letters to list them there.