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How to set the default infoPanel Width?

garypang 4 months ago in Feature requests updated by Vlad R 4 months ago 3

Is it possible to set the default infoPanel Width? That would be best if can make it remember the resized width.

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The default width of the panel varies a bit with the available size of your browser's canvas.
Would you like to make it wider by default? What is your screen resolution (and pixel size of your browser window - if easy for you to find that out)?

Thanks for you reply.

I found a alternative way to set the default infoPanel Width.

Add $config['app']['ui']['custom_js_url'] = '/customizables/custom.js';to /customizables/config.php

Then create /customizables/custom.js  and  add window.localStorage.setItem('fr-settings-infoPanelWidth','s%3A295');to it.

Cool, thanks for sharing!