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Many files in one folder.

mishaems 3 months ago in Feature requests updated by Vlad R 11 hours ago 4

I turned on syncing on my smartphone.
The Camera folder contains 7000+ files (40GB).

After copying all the files, I can’t access the Camera folder on Filerun through the browser.
Tried to use several browsers.
When you enter the folder, the browser stops responding and offers to stop it.
If you click "stop", then all files are displayed in the list, but you cannot work with them.
The mobile browser swears at the script: /js/=min.php?extjs=1&v=2019.12.25:1

Display Mode - Detailed List

Via FTP, webdav all works well.

Through the script /var/www/html/cron/make_thumbs.php I started creating thumbnails. Thumbnails were created, but this did not help.
The launch of the Metadata Filet Index also did not help.

It is impossible to split files into different folders, because on a smartphone they are stored in one folder.

You have a wonderful product!
Please help me solve this problem!

Sorry I use for google translator :-)

Under review

We consider it a limitation, not a bug.

We are planning to add pagination at some point, to be able to handle situations like this.

I am afraid that at this moment, the only solution is to organize your files in subfolders.

This has been one of my biggest issues with the software since I've started using it. It's not just images. All file types do this if you hit a folder with too many files. The whole browser experience freezes and I often can't even choose to simply browse to a different folder. Pagination would be nice. I'd settle for a slim featured list view option for when I know I need to browse some larger folders. I can of course navigate and ls in a terminal, but when I know I'm going to download or share a file, being able to do it in filerun is nice. My workaround for now is to copy things into a dedicated folder I share from using the terminal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not the end of the world, but when it does bother me I usually check the site to see if there is an update that fixes it yet.

Any progress on this limitation/issue?  If this is not going to happen for a while, is it feasible to create a feature to limit the number of files in folders as an option?  

As mentioned above, we do plan to improve the way FileRun handles folders with more than a few hundred items in. In the meantime, we have no solution for you, other than suggesting a better organization of your files into subfolders.