Web link display mode

Paul L 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 2

Currently the default display mode for a web link is Grid View.  You can see photos and videos as thumbnails and when you click on them you can view the photos or play the videos but there are no controls to move back and forward to the next photos or video.

If I set the web link display mode to Image Gallery, I then have the controls to move back and forward to the next photo or video but I cannot play the videos, it will only display a thumbnail of the video or give the option to download.

Is there any way to get the videos to play in Gallery mode like they do in Grid View mode?

Or have a back button after you click on a thumbnail in Grid View?


The videos and non-image files will load proper previews, instead of just thumbnails, also under the image gallery mode. This change will be available with the FileRun update which will be available these days.