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Unexpected end-of-file was encountered when downloading PSD files from my cloud

Maikaru 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 6

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Good afternoon all,

I have a Filerun setup for my creative team, and each time we upload our PSD files, when someone else downloads it, then proceeds to open in Photoshop (We have the same Photoshop version) it gives this error of "Could not open 'card template.psd' because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered. The file they uploaded, their original copy they can still open it on their end in photoshop.

It takes 2-3 re-uploads for the rest of the team to be able to open it properly. 

Is there anything we can do so we don't have to re-upload 2-3 times for each PSD file? We will have quite a few PSD files to upload.

Appreciate all of your help!

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Send us one of these broken files (tech-support at filerun.com) so we can have a look at its contents.
I recommend you also to check the PHP error log. If logging errors is enabled, I am pretty sure there will be something in there.

my file size is pretty large, almost a 1GB PSD

also, i don't believe my error log is enabled, how would I enable that? Appreciate your support!

Sorry for missing your question. Fist, you should always have "display_errors" set to "Off" in your PHP configuration. Try setting this and let me know if you still encounter the problem.
If you do, than the problem is not from FileRun or PHP.
If the file size of the download file is not correct, than you should try increasing the value of "max_execution_time" in the PHP configuration.

my activity log doesn't indicate any errors.

it is only after it is downloaded and I attempt to open it on Photoshop 2020

also, it is now any PSD file that is uploaded will have this error. even a PSD file that is a blank white background.

Closed for lack of information

If you are still interested in solving this issue, you are welcome to contact us with a sample file.