autoinstall/settings via docker

steven 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 1

hi there

I'm trying to set some settings directly after installation of the container.

for this I've developed a php script which I mount into the directory via docker-compose:

image: afian/filerun
container_name: filerun

# FIXME > glusterfs
- /data/docker/filerun/volume/user-files:/user-files
- /data/docker/filerun/volume/var/www/html:/var/www/html

- ./install_secon.php:/var/www/html/install_secon.php:rw

I try to do things like:

// default settings
$pdo->query("update df_settings SET val='german' WHERE var='ui_default_language';");
$pdo->query("update df_settings SET val='0' WHERE var='ui_media_folders_music_enable';");
$pdo->query("update df_settings SET val='Willkommen zum Fileaustausch' WHERE var='ui_login_text';");
$pdo->query("update df_settings SET val='Filerun @ Seven' WHERE var='app_title';");
$pdo->query("update df_settings SET val='1' WHERE var='ui_title_logo';");
$pdo->query("update df_settings SET val='0' WHERE var='gravatar_enabled';");


even when I update it directly in the database these settings will not be accepted.

I suspect some caching (ioncube /smarty?) in the background. 

How can I flush the cache so those settings become active?




You can flush the cache by deleting "system/data/temp/cache.settings.tmp.php".

You can also rebuild the image and edit the docker-included file https://github.com/filerun/docker/blob/master/db.sql which creates the database to begin with.