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Upload completes and reloads indefinitely

jim 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 3

I believe a server configuration issue is the likely cause of my problem and I could use your expertise.
Here is the issue we are experiencing when uploading MP4 files from all FileRun accounts:

- The target file is fully uploaded. Once it finishes, the upload process begins again. See screen shot.

When the upload has completed and the Retry is in progress, selecting Cancel all ends the upload process with the target file showing as expected in the upload folder. Over several test uploads, the file has always uploaded into FileRun during the first upload attempt and the MP4 plays properly with no apparent issues. However, unless Cancel all is clicked, FileRun will continue to reload the same file indefinitely. Because of this issue, we have not tried to upload multiple files at the same time. I've only encountered this problem with MP4 files, but it may happen with other large files as well.

FileRun is installed on a dedicated Linux cloudserver running cPanel - configured as follows:
Linux OS Version = CentOS 7.8 kvm
Apache Server Version = 2.4.46 (cPanel)
cPanel/WHM Version = 88.0.15
PHP Version = 7.3
RunFile Version = 2019.12.25

RunFile is installed on URL:   [edited out for safety reasons]
Server configuration:
Storage = [edited out for safety reasons]
RunFile = [edited out for safety reasons]

As mentioned, I believe this is a configuration issue somewhere on our server. I am hoping you have experienced this before and can offer some guidance. If you need to view this first hand, I'll be glad to send you the superuser login and the root server SSH or WHM login if necessary.

BTW - I love the software - first rate package. Good performance, feature rich, and what appears to be a well tested and durable product.

-- Jim
HonkForFreedom.com, a Non-Profit startup

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There is most probably a PHP error, which is probably unrelated to the upload process itself (given that you do find the file uploaded fine on the server). It can be that e-mail notifications are enabled, and while FileRun tries to send them at the end of the file upload, it fails with an error that gets into the server output, confusing the upload process.

I recommend you to enable error logging in the PHP configuration, and then check the error log file for more information.

Thank you for your quick reply. Actually, notifications are disabled. I will see what the PHP error logs say.

Closed for lack of information