Docker version on Ubuntu 20.04: cannot delete or create new files (read only)

Rudhra 2 months ago updated 2 months ago 3

I installed the docker version using Docker Compose.

It works but: I cannot create new files or delete existing files.

Activity log is useful when I try to copy a file, because it gives a bit more info:

/user-files/Name  = the root folder of the superuser.

from_full_path /user-files/Name/Desktop-ChilleLap/20052281375076129478_tempered_glass_1_1_1 (copy).jpg
from_relative_path /ROOT/HOME/Desktop-ChilleLap/20052281375076129478_tempered_glass_1_1_1 (copy).jpg
to_full_path /user-files/Name/Desktop-ChilleLap/Copy of 20052281375076129478_tempered_glass_1_1_1 (copy).jpg
to_relative_path /ROOT/HOME/Desktop-ChilleLap/Copy of 20052281375076129478_tempered_glass_1_1_1 (copy).jpg
error Failed to copy file:Copy file error: copy(/user-files/Name/Desktop-ChilleLap/Copy of 20052281375076129478_tempered_glass_1_1_1 (copy).jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied

When I check my system, the folder (including all content) mapped to docker /user-files/ has permissions 40775 (drwxrwxr-x)

When I open a console window within the container
(via Portainer) I can delete files in my (superuser) user folder. So the Filerun docker container is able to delete delete files, but the web interface is not. How can I solve this?


Check www-data user permissions.

OK that is the issue. On the system itself this user needs permissions to the files and folders, also anything created in the future. I am not sure how to do that.

This article discribes 5 steps to take: 


Is that all necessary in this case?

I did all those commands:

Add the main Ubuntu user to the www-data group

sudo usermod -a -G www-data asterix

Now allow access to the folder that is mounted for FileRun via Docker-Compose:

sudo chgrp -R www-data /mnt/pool/Users

Now allow new files to be created: 

sudo chmod 2770 /mnt/pool/Users

And it works! 
Next step is to add OnlyOffice. Thanks!