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Fast connections very slow transfers

William C 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4


I'm trying to figure out why I"m getting so such slow uploads/downloads to my file run server - I'm using it with several clients who are all on gigabit up/down.  The location where the File Run box is running (my house) is also on a gigabit connection up/down.  However, all transfers to and from the box top out around 12-13MB/s - no were close to gigabit speeds.  

I can isolate this to the File Run setup as transfers to/from Rumpus (FTP) located on the same network transfer with average speeds of about 75-80 MB/s which is more in line with what I'd expect. 

Is there some config aspect that I'm missing that might be limiting speed?  I"m pretty certain it's not hardware - I'm using a HP z840 2x12core, 128GB of Ram with a Highpoint NVMe RAID (4x2TB NVMe)

Any advice would be appreciated

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Uploading a ~100MB file, please tell me the upload and download speeds, separately.

thank you Vlad.  No matter the file size or file type I max out at 15MBs upload and also 15MB download.  

I notice you have an Enterprise license. Please do contact me directly with access to your FileRun installation, so that I can troubleshoot this for you: https://filerun.com/contact

We use the forum mainly with the free FileRun version, so replies here can be delayed.

cool thanks I will email you with details.