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webdav big files can not be uploaded

Harald K 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 1

Hi there,

i now uses goodsync to sync 2 devices with filreun via WebDAV. all works fine except large files (over i think 1gb).

i contaced goodsync support, they said it has to do with the WebDAV Server.

i am getting a remote host closed connection error with goodsync. Is this a WebDAV error or is it a Filerun problem?

Can i use ftp also to sync the files?

thanks in advance for your help.



Under review

Sounds like an error at a higher level than PHP/FileRun. You should check the HTTP error logs for related entries.

You should be able to use other protocols as well to sync files, as whatever changes you make in a folder by other means, FileRun will reflect them.