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Custom metadata via Automatic Source

kfitting 11 months ago updated by Vlad R 11 months ago 1

I'm trying to get metadata that is visible in Media Info to be extracted by including the "path" in Automatic Source when setting up a new field. The problem is that I can't get anything to work unless it is an already listed field (so "MWG->width" populates the image width into my new field just fine).

Specifically, in the XMP table in the media info panel, I have "ics > Portfolios". What Automatic Source string would I use? I've tried various combinations of . ; -> > and more... I've tried lower/upper case. But unless it starts with MWG, I get "undhandled source" in the metadata extraction section of the image's control panel. And again, I can only get the pre-existing field strings to pull any information into the field's box when viewing an image's metadata.

Is there a help doc or existing standard for how to format the automatic source's string? 

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To extract data that you see under the "Media Info" panel, the field starts with "info" and the path separator is "->".

To extract the "make" of the camera, on a JPG file, the "Automatic source" would be "info->jpg->exif->IFD0->Model".

I know, there's no way really to find this information currently. Try the following. Open "customizables/plugins/mediainfo/display.php" and add this after line #4:


Then open the file with "Media info". It should show a dump of the Array holding all the information that can be extracted from the file. You can use that information to create the path to your desired information.