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使用WebDAV链接链接filerun时可以跳过@ home吗?就像一个驱动器。
使用移动终端“文档”和“ Fe文件资源管理器”时,得到的结果相同。



You can add the account with the full URL, [..]/dav.php/@Home/

Can I skip @ home when I use WebDAV link to link filerun? It's like onedrive.

I got the same result when I used the mobile terminal "documents" and "Fe file explorer".

I know it's not a problem, it's just a product, so the experience may be better. thank you.


You can add the account with the full URL, [..]/dav.php/@Home/

Wow, amazing! The problem is solved perfectly. Thank you.

Hello Vlad,

I have the same issue. In the webinterface the main folder is My Files, but in the WinSCP and Nextcloud windows app the main folder is @Home. When I try to change the users Home folder path to  xxx/dav/@Home" I receive an error: The xxx/dav/@Home does not exists or it is not accessible by PHP. How can achieve that the @Home disappears in WinSCP webdav client and the Nextcloud app or changes to the same My Files as in the webinterface?

Same result even if I try to use: xxx/dav.php/@Home in the users Home folder path.

The users Home folder path is now: https://domain.com/dav works.

The webinterface url: https://domain.com/filerun/#/HOME

KR, Zoltan 

The WebDAV starting URL is "/dav.php/" not "/dav/". Works fine in our demo: https://demo.filerun.com/dav.php/@Home/ (admin/admin)

I'm confused. On your page https://docs.filerun.com/webdav stays:

When using Nextcloud desktop sync app, the URL should be the root of your FileRun installation (example: https://demo.filerun.com). Do not append “/dav.php/” to it.

Could you please describe step by step what should I change in the Nextcloud windows app installation and where exactly

to get rid of the @Home folder, if possible?


I am afraid you will need to live with the name of that folder. It is what allows you to access via WebDAV both your home folder and shared files and folders.

OK, I understand. If there are any shared folders too it will be visible the @Home and @Shares folders in the Windows Explorer using Nextcloud desktop app.

You don't have to have these folder visible anywhere in your system if you do not sync them directly, but instead you sync subfolders.

When you add a Nextcloud account, click to skip the folder configuration. Then you click "Add Folder Sync Connection" for manually choosing both local and remote folders to sync.

I have tested now. You may choose even directly when adding the account in Nextcloud which folder from the filerun server to sync. You have right, if I choose the /@Home folder to sync the @Home folder byself will be not visible in the Nexcloud folder, but the subfolders and files. Thank you to pointing out!

One thing to consider is that the shared folders will be not visible in this Nextcloud folder in that case. To see even the shared folders you have to add another new sync with another Nextcloud folder, automatically named Nextcloud2 and choose the /@Shares folder. In the Nexcloud2 the @Shares folder byself will be not visible but the Uses/Subfolders. To get all sync into one Nextcloud folder you have to choose full sync of the account though. I couldn't choose the @Home and the @Shares at the same time to get into the same Nextcloud folder. Maybe I do something wrong. 

The above questions are related to the https://feedback.filerun.com/en/communities/1/topics/1521-best-practice-common-shared-folder-in-nextcloud-desktop-app post.