Integrating Other Platforms

gary.parr 9 months ago 0

Hello everyone,

As a home user, I sometimes fear I'm asking way too much of FileRun. I want a CMS, media streamer, photo gallery, cloud storage... everything up to and including the kitchen sink. I also want the best of each of those. But since the paying customer base most likely has a slightly different set of priorities than the free home users have, my needs (wants, really) are probably not that high on the feature list. I also recognize that FileRun can't be the best at everything or else it would end up the same bloated nightmare of a mess that some of those other self-hosted cloud platforms are. Focusing on core principles is good!

So, with that in mind, I'm considering using FilerRun as kind of a master content management system for my family and then leveraging other platforms for specific areas. For example, I envision individual users keeping and managing all their "stuff" in FileRun, including personal photos and music. All of the native FileRun capabilities are excellent for this.

But the (much) larger shared content catalogs (photos and music) are perhaps better served out of something like piwigo and ampache, which are purpose built for those specific use cases. To integrate, I would put those catalogs in anonymously shared root folders in FilerRun. Then piwigo and ampache would use those root folders as their respective content sources. FileRun would still be the single front end for managing all the content though, so if an individual user has a photo they want to promote to the shared catalog they just move it from their personal files to the root photo library share. Then, using FileRun event hooks I call a script on the server to do whatever I need to do to make piwigo index/catalog/scan/whatever that new photo.

Does this seem reasonable? Has anyone done anything like this? My biggest concern would be problems caused by multiple platforms trying to "own" the same content. If someone updates metadata in the other platform, I would need hooks back into FileRun to keep things in sync. I'm sure it can be done, but not sure if the payoff would be worth the effort.