PHP and ionCube versions

Paul L 9 months ago updated by office 8 months ago 7

What is the latest version of PHP and ionCube that I can safely install together?

The "FileRun PHP Compatibility" page in the Docs section seems outdated and all my web stuff is complaining that 7.3 is old and coming "end of life" soon.


The page is not outdated. 7.3 is not old. 7.4 is the latest PHP version tested with FileRun.

ionCube is not yet supported by php 7.4

This means that FileRun don't work with PHP 7.4

Besides, we already have 8

Of course, it is possible to set php 7.3 via .htaccess for FilleRun, but soon this will not work because 7.3 will become obsolete.

FileRun works great with PHP 7.4, ionCube supports it.

My hosting provider says that IonCube loader is not yet supported by php 7.4

When I change 7.3 to 7.4 I can't see ionCube. What I need to do ?

The problem is resolved. Hosting change something and now all work.

hello @office and sorry for my poor english. I am in the smae case, my hosting is using cpanel and I see in php 7.4, there is no ioncube loader in php selector. Can you tell me what your hosting doing ? 


Hello @cyrille

I open a case from my dashboard and write to hosting provider to install ioncube and voila: