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failed to move item to trash folder

Rudhra 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 5

Strange issue: I can create, edit and permanently delete files.
but if I simply delete a file (should go to trash), I get this error:

failed to move item to trash folder

How can I solve this?

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It's a file permission problem. Either on the file you are trying to delete, or the trash folder. One of them is not writable by PHP.

It only happens with files/folders inside the folder (Family) that is directly mounted into the user (Jimmy) folder:

 - $DATAPOOL/Users:/user-files:rw
 - $DATAPOOL/Users/Family:/user-files/Jimmy/Family

It seems files/folders within Family cannot be moved to the trash folder that resides within Jimmy.

@Vlad R

All folders, even the root folder of my disk mount point, are owned by the filerun user and all files and folders are 775. This is proven by the fact I can create, edit and permanently delete everything.

Just moving folders to trash does not work for new folders created with FileRun in the Family dir.

Moving files newly created with FileRun to trash does work fine. Also, moving existing folders in the Family dir to trash seems to work. 

I do believe this is a bug.

Do check the FileRun user activity log and see if the failed action gets logged and if it includes a full error description.

Unsure why but after reapplying permissions on the host, recreating the container and then updating FileRun (the update is essential), the issue is gone.

I didn't realize I was back on the old FileRun version. It is a bit strange the docker image is not up to date. You should be able to recreate the container without having to perform in-container update. I hope it can get updated soon. Updating via the UI does go fast and smooth.