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Help install ffmpeg on windows iis php 7.4

Jamie H 3 weeks ago updated 3 weeks ago 6

Hi there, trying to install ffmpeg on my windows iis php 7.4 server running filerun.

I've installed ffmpeg on the server and can run ffmpeg through cmd.

I've installed composer and installed ffmpeg in my web directory and have the vendor files

I cant find any documentation for the next steps, all I have access to is the path in filerun all I'm getting is error 1 when I click check.

can someone please provide me some guidance?

thank you!

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You do not need to install Composer or anything via Composer. I recommend you not to make manual changes inside the FileRun application folder.

What is the path are you setting for the ffmpeg executable inside the FileRun control panel?

i am using default path, no idea what to change it too so left it alone. I installed ffmpeg, in its own folder on the root directory of my website, filerun is its own folder.

You have to set the full path to "ffmpeg.exe".

where is the top level of the path? If path is blank is that filerun application folder? 

Always use full filesystem paths in FileRun, when on Windows.

ah that worked, also had to specify the application in the path.