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Write metadata/tags to files Exif/XMP (or XMP sidecar files)?

Rudhra 3 months ago in Feature requests updated 3 months ago 2

FileRun is an amazing solution to cull through photos, make selections and tag photos.

But it seems, even though tags are stored by FileRun (I can use the search feature and when sharing with my partner she also sees the tags), when I open any other tool (DigiKam, gThumb, Photoshop) there are no tags.

Is it somehow possible to allow tags to be written to EXIF or XMP?

Goal is to tag once, be able to filter/sort my photos for the rest of my life on any tool/device. 

Under review

Writing data to files is a controversial topic. We try to avoid having FileRun alter files in any ways.

However, we would consider having an option for exporting FileRun metadata for files in XMP sidecar files. digiKam supports reading from sidecar files, I don't know about the other mentioned apps.

I've changed the post into a feature request to allow other users to vote for this.

Thanks, indeed DigiKam (and Rawtherapee and many others) support XMP sidecars.