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Create new thumbs/previews as they are gone for updated files after metadata indexing

Rudhra 3 months ago in Feature requests updated by Vlad R 3 months ago 1

After running metadata_index.phpmake_thumbs.phptasks, all works fine.

Now outside of FileRun, add a tag to a couple of jpgs inside a folder.
In Filerun UI (superuser), run the index file metadata task for the particular folder: 

The tag created outside FileRun does show up nicely and I can search using the tag: 


But the thumbnails for these images are gone!

Even though the file path/file name did not change, the only thing that changed was the tag added to the file (using DigiKam). 

Feature Request: 

1. when running the Index file metadata task from the UI, also run a "make thumbnails" task on the folder as well.


2. add a task in the Control Panel to allow users to generate thumbnails.

3. Allow users to select both tasks to be run after each other.

Under review

Adding (non-FileRun) metadata to a file means changing the data contents of the file. If the file changes, FileRun needs to make a new thumbnail for the files, to reflect the new contents of the file. There is no way for an application to detect that only some embedded metadata has changed and nothing else.

We will consider adding a task in the folder Control Panel for generating thumbnails.