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Thumbnails on mobile app not loading/slow loading.

rysiusek 3 months ago in Feature requests updated 3 months ago 2

Hello, Thanks for this product, works very well. I want to use FileRun to working pretty good with photos. On PC using Google Chrome, thumnails working very well ( earlier I do  make_thumbs.php superuser). I have a problem using webDav mobile app - nextcloud. The thumbnails not loading or loading 10 sec for about 4 photos. It is way to generate thumbnails to mobile app ?

Under review

The same thumbnails that FileRun generates for accessing via web, are being used when accessing via Nextcloud mobile app.

We could have a look and see what might go wrong for your case, if you contact us with your FileRun installation URL and a test account: https://filerun.com/contact

I know the problem with thumbnails! When I use mobile nextcloud app it don't use my 225 x 400 pixels thumbnails with name 400_400_contain[1].png this app create the same size of thumbnail but with name 256_400_contain[1].png. When I rename that files(400_400 to 256_400) it works definitly better and faster (1MB/s on mobile phone comparition  to 112 kB/s when creating thumbnails). I have only problem with video because earlier filerun do not create thumbnails.
It's way to create specifly name of thumbnails from make_thumbs ( or I have to edit this script) ?