Thumbnail creation of JPG fails after externally adding tags (tags shown in Filerun)

Rudhra 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 3

Interesting issue: 

1. thumbnail creation of new files (JPG) used to work just fine, but now, for any JPG that has no thumbnail or needs its thumbnail to be updated: 

Rudhra/Photos/Albums/2013/2013-10-02 Indonesie/Sumatra, 2013/2013-10-08_11-09-36.JPG  ... Failed!

Eventually, I found out my GraphicsMagick/ImageMagick path/executable is no longer correct in FileRun settings: 

I use Docker and I did not have to install GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick, it was included with the FileRun Docker image.

I believe the issue is a bit more broad: 

2 weeks ago due to thunder I had to repair my server, reinstall my OS and Docker. Luckily I keep backups, also of my Docker persistent volumes.

But since the Filerun image is still from 2019, and my persistent volumes belonged to the 2021 March version, I suppose this is the reason why I now have this issue.

Note that updating is not possible: it says I am already on the latest version, probably because the version number is kept in a file on the persistent volume.

How to solve this? 

Perhaps this was unneccessary but I: backupped my peristent volume filerun/db, deleted the other 2 folders "html" and "esearch", removed the container and image, ran docker-compose up, verified the path of magick, it is suppose to be "convert", not "gm"

Also to my suprise the docker image is updated! Thank you very much for that :)

Stopped the containers, copied back my db folder, started the containers.

Tested a few shared URLs in a private tab: they still work.

I do have to reconfigure the path to Onlyoffice and its secret, bitly etc. But at least I am 100% certain my Filerun instance is now clean/up to date.  

I suppose this can be marked as not a bug since I am uncertain what caused the path to Magick to be wrong.

One last question: Does the latest docker contain GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick?

EDIT: I just noticed the path changed to "gm" again, I did not do that. I changed it back to convert. Hope it will be persistent this time.

 "convert" is ImageMagick. I can't find the actual executable, I would like to figure out a way to replace it with the faster GraphicsMagick..

EDIT: I figured out the issue: 

The Filerun docker image does not contain the executable gm which should be in /usr/bin. But by default, in Settings > Files > Thumbs & Previews, "gm" is set. The docker image does ship with convert (ImageMagick) in /usr/bin.

That is the only real issue here. It seems a bit complicated to install GraphicsMagick myself, so I will settle with convert/ImageMagick. But the docker image should not refer to an executable that isn't included. 

I can confirm gm (Graphicsmagick) is not included in the docker image but is configured via Settings. I was able to install it (together with PNGQuant) and use it.