Pause/hang per Session when Any Request is Pending

guy 5 months ago 0

It seems as though if any request is pending in a given user session (download, ZIP and download, or even initial page load), that user cannot perform any other actions at all in other browser tabs or browse to any other files/folders in the interface until the request is complete. We've observed that if a user starts a download and then cancels it, any further requests to the server will "hang"/get delayed until the download is completed or registers as aborted on the server side.

Meanwhile, other users are able to use the system in the meantime, so the issue is scoped within each user's session (i.e. it seems like each user can only make 1 request at a time). Is this by design? Is this tunable?

Is it possible that FileRun acquires a PHP session lock during each request and does not release the lock until the end of the request?