"This page isn't redirecting properly" when trying to use SSO with FileRun behind reverse proxy?

Scion 4 months ago 0

After adding a "config.php" file which sets `$config['url']['root'] = 'https://mydomain.com/filerun';`,

our FileRun instance was working fine behind our reverse proxy. We authenticated users by connecting directly to an SQL database.

However, we recently migrated our users to use OAuth2 SSO with Keycloak, and for most existing users, it seemed to work fine. They were unable to log-out but they could log in. If a user cleared their cache, however, and tried to login via SSO they would get stuck with a "This page isn't redirecting properly" error because the page would loop between redirecting between HTTP and HTTPS URLs. This also caused the FIleRun logo to stop redirecting to the home screen, and also caused a redirect loop.

There is a workaround in that visiting: https://mydomain.com/filerun/?module=fileman&page=sso
Allows the user to sign in like normal, but they will get stuck in a loop again if they sign out.

Are there any other configuration changes that I need to make to prevent this?
My proxy sets the 'X-Forwarded-Port' header.