Still no luck with WebDav (Windows 10)

st.maggi 4 months ago updated by Vlad R 3 months ago 2

Hello all,

I'm using the latest version of FileRun: it is a good software but I'm actually still stuck on WebDav access.

I am trying, and I have tried it with the latest three builds of FileRun, to just access FileRun using Windows 10 but with no luck: always "system error 67". The WebClient service is running on Windows 10.

I can access and operate with no issues via browser on the FileRun instance (login, upload, sharing links, etc. is all ok).

I am using FileRun with Nginx but I have found no sample configus on official documentation.

I have also checked the PHP configuration and it seems all correct, based on the recommended values of the official documentation.

Any suggestion? Need to reinstall everything?

BONUS ISSUE: on Nextcloud app, once logged in, I cannot "play audio files" and cannot generate "shared links" for "incorrect server configuration", but I can upload files and create folders....

Many thanks

I use filerun as a docker compose container and do NOT use the windows 10 integrated WebDAV, but i use since month these free version, which runs very fine:


kind regards


Thank you for sharing your solution!